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The Fairest Knit Fairies

This is a project I made for Christmas presents and have just now got around to talking about. I entered a contest on the Spud & Chloe blog and won a copy of the winter issue of Knit Simple Magazine. One of the featured patterns is Susan B. Anderson’s Flora & Fairies. When I first saw them, I knew I had to knit these!

Blonde Fairy

This is one of the most clever patterns I have ever knit. I was surprised how the wings came together. I thought I wasn’t following the instructions correctly, for sure. I just couldn’t see how what I had on my needles was possibly a pair of wings…but I kept with it and sure enough a tiny little pair of wings appeared! This pattern calls for Spud and Chloe fine yarn, which I didn’t have and couldn’t get my hands on in a reasonable amount of time. These were last minute gifts after all. I would love to try a fairy with the Spud and Chloe, their colors are gorgeous! I substituted some leftover sock yarns and they worked great. I found it helped to use the yarns with the most spring and give, to facilitate working on small needles and a small stitch count.

This pattern includes a variation on hair and wings to make each fairy a little different. There is also a flower petal drawstring pouch, to carry around your little sprite, that is too cute not to make! I knit two of the fairies for two little girls. I made each type of wings and used yarn that matched the hair of the girls they were for.

Brown Haired Fairy

I ended up making only one flower pouch due to time constraints, and skipped the i-cord drawstring in lieu of ribbon for the same reason. I found the overall pattern really easy and fun to knit…but not as a last minute gift before Christmas! I’m not sure what I was thinking…but I’m looking forward to knitting my little girl her very own fairy when I do not need to rush.

Fower Petal Bag with Ribbon Drawstring

I received such glowing reviews from each recipient and I’m very glad I took the effort to make them! They are certainly a unique gift to give and I don’t know any little girl…or mommy for that matter…that wouldn’t adore a little fairy in her own matching purse!

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Crochet Challenge Doll#2: Cotton Puppy

Yay for me! I’ve competed another doll in my amigurumi crochet challenge! This pattern is called Cotton Puppies and is made with, you guessed it, cotton. I am so pleased with my improvement on this doll. I don’t really know what happened, the stars were in alignment, divine inspiration, repeating the single crochet one million times…but something finally clicked. I noticed a huge difference about half way through the body piece. I think that finally being able to “read” my crochet has helped immensely. It made a big improvement in my knitting as well, when I could finally understand the stitches and their construction. Anyway, this doll was pretty easy to make for a beginner. It was basically lots of little circles stuffed and sewn together. I even manged the color changes in the arms and legs with ease. I am and just so proud of myself for completing another goal, learning something new and making a toy for my little girl to play with!

Cotton Puppy

Project Details:

Hook Size: 2.1mm

Yarn: Lion Brand Cotton-Ease Almond #099 (MC) & Taupe #122 (CC)

More on my Ravelry page!

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