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Natural Beauty

Hubby and I recently got back from vacation to Lake Tahoe, CA. It was a great trip upstate. We got to stop at several of our favorite places in including Hearst Castle, San Francisco, Boudin Bakery, Ghirardelli Ice Cream & Chocolate Shop and Big Sur. We also joyfully attended the wedding ceremony of Hubby’s cousin.

One of the best things about a drive up the coast of California is the natural beauty you experience. Rocky beaches with crashing waves, sun bathing seals, rolling green hills with misty tops, tall majestic pines against a strikingly blue sky…all wonders that I tried to capture with my little camera. On our first day in San Simeon, we met a few little squirrels that were more than happy to become friends. As we walked along the boardwalk by the ocean, a couple of them approached us, steadily getting closer and closer. I couldn’t believe my eyes when one of them stopped right by my foot and stood up on his hind legs, looking to see if I had anything he might like to eat! Hubby and I scrambled for our camera. I decided to make an offering of my open hand to show the little fellow I came unprepared and had no food.Squirrel Friend He came up straight away and peered into my hand and, ever so gently, placed his little paw in it. Can I tell you, this absolutely made my day! I felt like Snow White! 🙂 Another beautiful place we visited was Spooner Lake. It’s located in the Lake Tahoe-Nevada State Park. We hiked a quiet trail among tall pine trees that made a beautiful sound as the wind rushed through their tops.

Spooner Lake

Spooner Lake

Along our walk we saw huge pine cones and dragonflies buzzing everywhere. When we got to the sandy beach of the lake, we were delighted to watch two labs fetching sticks from the water. Spooner Lake DogsThey charged in after each stick making a huge splash and came paddling out with their find, shaking gallons of water all over their owners! Spooner Lake is a nice get away to enjoy a quiet afternoon during tourist season in Lake Tahoe. This is just a small part of the beauty that we got to experience. It’s amazing how much splendor there is to behold, even on a road trip!

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