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More Christmas Knits: Seeded Rib Socks

I have been working away at my Christmas Knitting list that somehow doesn’t get any shorter. It seems as soon as I complete something, I find something else that would be a perfect knitted gift. All of that aside, though, I do have a finished project to show off.

I decided to make my in laws each a pair of socks for Christmas. I recently finished the pair of Purl Spiral socks for Mom and now I can add the Seeded Rib Socks for Dad. I love this design and have knit it before. It’s nice and easy and stress free (unlike the pattern I chose before it, that ended up being ripped out…twice!) Anyway, this pattern is perfect for socks that need to be knit fast and is great for the car. I think I knocked these out in a little over a week, certainly a record for me.

I used Knit Picks Stroll Sport in the colorway Midnight Heather. It’s not easy to tell in the photos, but this yarn is a mix of beautiful deep blue and green. There are little flecks of green that catch the light and remind me of a mossy glade. This yarn is great for thick and cozy men’s socks. It knits up quick, which is a plus when you are making size 12 socks, and it wears well. I also did something new and exciting. I added traction to the bottom of the socks via puffy fabric paint.

Anit-skid on the Seeded Rib Socks

My in laws have lots of tile floors to traverse in their home and between my hubby and myself, we decided it would be nice to give them a little anit-slip bonus. The process couldn’t have been more simple. After washing and blocking, I used Puffy Paint in a coordinating color and applied it in a zigzag pattern on the sole of the sock. The directions recommend washing inside out again after the paint dries.  I love the way this turned out so much I added it to the Purl Spiral socks as well. Now mom and dad should be able to have cozy feet and feel safe no matter where they walk in the house!

Anit-skid on the Purl Spiral Socks

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Purl Spiral Socks


I have completed my first Christmas knitting project! I am pretty pleased with myself too. 🙂 This project is the Purl Spiral Socks from the book Big Book of Socks by Kathleen Taylor. I have made several patterns from this book and have enjoyed everyone of them. There are a wide range of patterns to suit any sock knitting mood you may happen to be in. From easy and basic to color work and beads, this book has it. There is also a handy reference section in the back for knitting different toe and heel styles. Toe up and top down patterns are included in this book.

I knit my Purl Spiral socks with Knit Picks Imagination Handpainted Sock Yarn in the colorway Evil Stepmother. It has beautiful hues of purple and red running through it. It definitely reminiscent of the colors of the Evil Queen’s dress in Snow White or even of Maleficent in Sleeping Beauty. It is soft yet sturdy and easily withstood a few rip backs. I modified the pattern slightly by making the purl spirals mirror images of each other. I was pretty proud of myself for trying something new and succeeding! It turns out it wasn’t very difficult at all to achieve this look and it was well worth it. The finished product is soft and warm and I’m sure my mother in law will enjoy them on a chilly winter evening…just don’t mention the name of the colorway!


Project Details:

Yarn: (2 balls) Knit Picks Imagination Handpainted Yarn

Colorway: Evil Stepmother

More details on my Ravelry page!



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Knit Girl’s Summer Suit

I finally finished a project! It seems like I knit and knit but can’t seem to complete anything lately. But here it is, a finished project! I have been wanting to make this particular garment since I was pregnant…well my little girl is almost 13 months. But, hey, it is summer!

This is the Girls’ Summer Suit from The Expectant Knitter by Marie Connoly. It’s a cute little pattern for a top and diaper cover. The top is open in the back and secured with a button at the neckline, allowing for an open swing design. It’s nice and cool, especially when worked up in cotton. I decided not to make the diaper cover for now, but I’m sure I’ll knit up another set with both pieces. It’s too cute not to! The top does, however, go great with shorts! The pattern is written well and pretty easy for a novice garment knitter, such as myself. I knit most of it on the go in the car. I made the 18 month size for my 12 month old and it’s a little snug. I definitely suggest going up a size, or two, but this is true for any baby clothing it seems! 🙂 Room to grow is the idea!
The yarn is a new one for me, Lion Brand’s Baby’s First. It comes in 8 lovely colors and it’s oh so soft. My only critique is it separates a little too easy. I’m thinking I’ll start from the other end of the ball next time and see if that helps the unwinding of the ply situation. A very minor bother and it certainly won’t keep me from using this beautiful yarn again.I think I could have done a neater job on the finishing, but it’s secure and wearable…and it’s for a baby…not going to sweat it too much! I love the button attachment technique. A small crochet chain on one side completes the button closure…so cute and girly! This is a really fun and adorable little project and I’m glad I finally got around to making it. I think we’ll get a lot of wear out of this one!

Project Details:

Yarn: Lion Brand Baby’s First

Needles: Size 8

Colorway: Fairy Tale #103 & Sea Sprite #146

More info on my Ravlery page

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Father’s Day and a Pair of Socks


It’s been a great Father’s Day especially since it’s my hubby’s 1st. His first year of fatherhood has been wonderful. He has risen to the challenge on many different fronts. He successfully helped me get through pregnancy and labor…our first, everything was new and exciting/scary. He also goes out everyday and cheerfully slays dragons so I can stay home with our little one. I am one lucky girl, but I have known that since the day we met!

For Father’s Day we kept it low key with a lunch for our dads. We made the entire meal low carb, since Hubby and I and my dad have given up the carbs. Grilled salmon and a breadless deep dish pizza that seems more like lasagna or quiche to me. Whatever it is, it’s delicious and I can’t make it enough for my hubbby!

Father in law 3x3 rib socks

Of course I had to craft for Father’s Day…it’s a holiday right? I decided two pairs of hand knit socks, one for each dad, was in order. My dad is a regular customer already, but I haven’t made anything yet for my dad in law. Thank goodness he and Hubby have pretty much the same size 14 feet. That’s a pretty big sock and I somehow figured I was going to make two pair of big men’s socks. I ordered Knit Picks Stroll Sport, figuring the heavier weight would help me crank them out. I’m pleased to say I completed one pair in time to give to dad in law on Father’s Day. I wrapped up the yarn for my dad’s socks and presented him with that. He was slightly confused until I reassured him I wasn’t trying to teach him knitting, but those were soon-to-be-socks. Overall, I have to say I enjoyed working with the Stroll yarn. I usually knit with fingering weight, so it was a nice change and it made a difference in the completion time. The yarn itself is stretchy and soft. My dad in law kept squeezing them and commenting on how comfy they felt. I’m looking forward to starting my next pair!


Project Details:

Yarn: Knit Picks Stroll Sport

Colorway: Fedora

Needle Size 2 (3mm)

More info and photos on my Ravelry page


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