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Fishing For Fun

Father’s Day for most was June 21st. For us, it was to recover from a busy wedding weekend for Hubby’s cousin. He performed the music for the rehearsal dinner and the wedding ceremony. After two days of playing, dancing and hardly any sleep, we returned home exhausted…just like we knew we would. We actually had the forethought to reschedule celebrating Father’s Day for the following Sunday, June 28th. Much better!

What better way to spend a Sunday with a couple of dad’s than fishing? We are fortunate enough to have found a nice little pond (lake wanna-be) in the neighborhood. It’s quite secluded and it does take some traversing to get down the hillside to it, but the fishing is worth it!

Fishing Pond

We went out about 8:30am and it was a perfect morning for fishing. Clear and not too hot, the lake was as smooth as glass. We saw fish jumping out of the water before we could even bait our hooks…good sign, they’re hungry! First try and we were getting bites, but not able to reel them in. Smart fishies, these are! My dad in law finally made the first catch. Very exciting!

I’m busy blabbering about something, when I feel a tug on my line. I manage to set it and realize I’ve got something! It feels pretty big, although they all do! 🙂 I get him to the surface amidst cheers and whoops and discover I’ve caught a catfish! A catfish? Cool! I haven’t caught a catfish since I was little, so this was really exciting.

My Catfish Catch

My Catfish Catch

He turned out to actually be pretty good sized and not just in my imagination. Our dad’s worked quickly and efficiently to remove the hook (I got him pretty good, poor fellow) and another old hook already in him. This guy was a real war vet! Back in the pond he went on his merry way. Before it got too hot and we packed up to go back for a french toast brunch, we had caught about six fish. Pretty good morning’s work I’d say.

I’ve discovered that it’s actually fun even of you don’t catch the big one (although that’s preferable!) Fishing is a really a wonderful way to spend time with your friends and family and yourself. Sitting by the water, be it a pond, lake or ocean, and listening to nature around you is a great opportunity to open up your mind and let the positive thoughts flow. You can reach a very relaxed state of mind when you get out and enjoy the quiet beauty of nature. And don’t let it bother you if you don’t catch a fish, it’s a great excuse to go back and try again!

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