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Spring Fever with a Bit of Nesting

I have caught spring cleaning fever! The only thing keeping me from aggressively cleaning every corner of my house is I’m six months pregnant. In my mind I can do all of the cleaning, organizing, dusting…but my body isn’t quite up to the challenge. That’s ok though, I’m learning the art of asking others for help and graciously accepting it! 🙂
I’ve heard that nesting is a natural reaction for expectant mothers. I’m definitely in nesting mode! I want to go through every room in my house and clean, repair, and organize. That’s a lofty goal in any case, especially with a baby coming in three months! I’ve decided to think logically, in spite of the cloud of pregnancy hormones blurring my vision. Yes, a reasonable plan and lists are my best way of achieving my clutter clearing and cleaning goals.

Step one: Baby’s Room
I’m already half way complete on this one room. That includes new paint, shelves, lighting fixture, closet reorganization and every surface cleaned. I need to finish it before I leap into anything else distracting. I even had the forethought to take “before” pictures of the room for a later blog post.

Step two: My office
Why does my office, a room off of the master bedroom, need attention? It’s soon to be baby central! It’s large enough to have the bassinet and a chair for those lovely hours of feeding and cuddling with baby in the middle of the night. But this is only going to work if I do some serious clutter clearing and organizing. I’m even taking a look at my yarn stash and have been actively trying to knit it down. Thank goodness for quick baby projects that call for cotton!

Step three: Everything else
It’s funny how cleaning one room leads to another and pretty soon the whole house needs a redo. I have my eye on all the closets, they need an overhaul, and the garage..ugh! Not to forget painting all the doors and trim in the house. Hm, think I’ll go back up to step one and stop overwhelming myself. It’ll all get done and when our sweet little baby arrives, I certainly won’t be thinking about dusting! 🙂

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