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Baby Aviatrix Hat

I finished another knitting project! I’m so pleased to finish anything… my knitting time is mostly squeezed in between baby’s naps, housework and everything else. To make it even better, this is a functional item.
I used the pattern Aviatrix  Baby Hat by Justine Turner, a free pattern on Ravelry. I had some leftover Sensations Angel Hair yarn in my stash and it is so soft I thought it would be perfect against my baby’s delicate skin. It’s also pretty dense when knitted up on smaller needles than recommended.

Baby Aviatrix Hat

Yarn: Sensations Angel Hair

Color: # 647 Posey

Needles: Size US 4 & 6





This pattern is written well and is easy to follow. It’s divided into different sections according to what weight yarn your using. I love the design the garter rows make along the top of the hat. Adding a button closure helps it stay on, even when it’s being pulled and tugged at by the wearer! Being that this hat is so quick to knit and the pattern keeps your interest, I think I’ll make several more in different colors to match everthing in Baby’s closet! 🙂

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