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Crochet Challenge Doll#2: Cotton Puppy

Yay for me! I’ve competed another doll in my amigurumi crochet challenge! This pattern is called Cotton Puppies and is made with, you guessed it, cotton. I am so pleased with my improvement on this doll. I don’t really know what happened, the stars were in alignment, divine inspiration, repeating the single crochet one million times…but something finally clicked. I noticed a huge difference about half way through the body piece. I think that finally being able to “read” my crochet has helped immensely. It made a big improvement in my knitting as well, when I could finally understand the stitches and their construction. Anyway, this doll was pretty easy to make for a beginner. It was basically lots of little circles stuffed and sewn together. I even manged the color changes in the arms and legs with ease. I am and just so proud of myself for completing another goal, learning something new and making a toy for my little girl to play with!

Cotton Puppy

Project Details:

Hook Size: 2.1mm

Yarn: Lion Brand Cotton-Ease Almond #099 (MC) & Taupe #122 (CC)

More on my Ravelry page!

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Challenges Updates

I’ve made some progress on my self imposed challenges, gratitude and crochet. I just haven’t made anytime to blog about it., Maybe I need a blogging challenge too?
On the gratitude challenge I set myself the goal to list ten things, morning and evening for a week, that I am grateful for. I did successfully do this and remembered each day to complete the task. It turned out to be a pretty neat exercise. I found that it helped me purposefully focus on great and positive things that happened during the day, instead of all the things I didn’t get done or could have done better. I realized each day that I had many things to be happy about and that I was successful at. Pretty nice!
On to crochet. I have started my second amigurumi doll from the book Kyuuto! Japanese Crafts!: Amigurumi. I’m working on the Cotton Puppies. I had a tension breakthrough on this doll. I finished the head portion and started the body. After a few rows, it started looking quite different than the head, in a good way. All of my stitches were lining up and uniform. I guess your bound to improve something repeating it about a million times! After about half the body was complete, I compared it to the already finished head…oops! Yeah, that head was gigantic. I’ve already started ripping it out and ready to start it again with my new and improved tension! I have high expectations for this little cotton puppy!

Giant head...little body!

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Crochet Challenge Doll #1: Little Teddy Bear

I’ve completed my first crochet challenge doll, the Little Teddy Bear! Hooray for me! I’m really happy to have successfully completed a crocheted project from start to finish. Of course, my doll needs a little work in the gauge department, but that’s ok. I’m completely accepting to the fact that this is a learning process. I’m hoping to improve my skills on the next doll, by noticing my mistakes in this one.

Little Teddy Bear

I used Caron Simply Soft in Blue Mint. The color looks great, nice and bright and happy, but the yarn did tend to split quite a bit. I have knit with this yarn often and I think it also did that for me using knitting needles. Next project will definitely involve using bulkier acrylic, a smaller hook and maybe a bell or two inside the doll for shaking action! Overall, pretty pleased with the finished product. I handed it over to my 8 month old little girl as soon as it was finished and she grabbed it from me, gave it a good shake and tossed it aside… success!!!