The Thankful Mama

Simple Pleasures

Hanging Clothes Out to Dry

This could be considered a chore to many, but I happen to find a lot of relaxation in hanging a nice large load of freshly washed clothes out on my clothesline. I think I developed this liking for line dried clothes from when I was a kid and my mom would spend a part of the afternoon hanging out the wash. I love the way the wind gently blows the linens and the smell of sunshine dried laundry can’t be beat! It’s also kind of meditative to be outside in the afternoon and listen to the sounds of your backyard as you complete a household task.


The Nap

One of my favorite simple pleasures is a nap! I have the luxury of being able to fit one in almost any afternoon and, believe me, I appreciate that! There is something so wonderful and relaxing about a quiet afternoon, a soft breeze rustling the curtains and a fluffed up pillow. My favorite way to nap in the afternoon is to, first, have all of my household chores done. I seem to relax better without dirty dishes or laundry in the back of my mind. Second, make up the bed before your nap. It’s like a big hug to snuggle into a freshly made bed. Third, call the doggy! I love to cuddle up with my doggy for a nap. She also doubles as a heater when it’s chilly. šŸ™‚ But don’t tell my hubby I let her on the bed!

So if you have the chance to catch an afternoon nap, take advantage of it. It’s a wonerful way to recharge your mind and body for the evening. It also gives you a chance to enjoy the sounds of the afternoon, your pet, or even a good book, before you drift off to a restful snooze.


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