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I have a little girl and I am discovering a whole new world as a mommy. I have been on a learning adventure for everything from diapers to snacks to bath toys. And let me tell you, it’s a lot of fun and I love everything about it! I know there are some very experienced moms out there who’ve seen it all (my own mom included), but I’m sure there are some newbies, like me, who might enjoy some tips or tricks that I have come across. I would like to include a section on the blog for info like this, called Kiddy Corner. I hope to be able to provide some interesting ideas, reviews and whatnot.

For my first post I’d like to review something that I have found my little 10 month old girl loves…touch and feel books. I was given a few of these as gifts when she was born and they have sat patiently waiting on her bookshelf for little fingers to explore. She loves truing the pages and can spot the textured area in a snap! They are some of our favorite things to play with!

Now that she enjoys these I have gone out looking for more at yards sales and bookstores.Yard sales, by the way, are a great source for kids books. There are some touch and feel books that I have found are exceptional. “Touch and Feel” (appropriately named) from DK Publishing, is one of the better books I’ve come across. The pages are thick and easily turned by little hands. The photos are clear and are full color and simple words describe each one. And, best of all, the areas of texture to feel are large and easy to locate for the child. There are also many, many titles to choose from.

Another great set is the Little Hands Love and Little Feet Love from Piggy Toes Press. The layout of these is great. One side is a full page of just the item to touch and a nice large swatch too. The corresponding page is a picture of baby hands, (or feet depending on which book it is) touching the same thing your baby is feeling. The descriptive words are simple and minimal. It’s easy to say out loud the name of the picture before the page is quickly turned!

I hope these books make your little one happy to “read” as they do mine. We spend countless hours playing with them and they keep their interest. Happy reading!


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