The Thankful Mama

Hello And Welcome

Hi and welcome! Thanks for visiting my blog Food For Positive Thought. Ok, I’m really pretty new at blogging, although I enjoy reading others. I’m constantly inspired by beautiful photos, great stories and…knitting patterns. But, I told myself, I don’t need a blog…which was firmly confirmed by my adoring hubby. What would I write about, why would I write about it and who would read it? Well, I had an inspired thought the other day. Something I would like to write about and share with others is being positive and being happy. And that’s what I would like my blog to express…positive thoughts.

My Goal:

There are a million places you can go to read about negative things, scary things, things that make you mad, things that make you worry you had no idea even existed. That turf is pretty well covered. Here, I would like to offer happy thoughts, inspiring thoughts, anything that makes you feel enlightened, inspired, relaxed and smiling from ear to ear. There’s no reason for me to bring you down with day-to-day doldrums, there’s no reason I should focus on them myself. So by sharing with others positive aspects in my little world, I’m, in turn, helping myself to reinforce a positive mental attitude. I like it! I hope you will too and that when you come to visit me here, it will always help to put you in a good mood!