The Thankful Mama

Can’t Get Enough of the Polar Bears

on January 11, 2012

I have been so into the Polar Bears at the San Diego Zoo lately. I found they have a live webcam so you can watch them from the comfort of your own computer. I turned it on for my little girl, thinking it would be fun to watch…but I have been doing the bulk of watching. I just check in with them every now and then during the day. I can’t really explain my fascination, but they are just simply intriguing.

What my nephew calls " a polar bear sandwich."

Watching them on the webcam, I feel like I know these guys, so it was really exciting (for me) to get to see them at the zoo the other day. I love their enclosure…it has lots of play areas where you can learn facts about the bears…and they make great photo ops. There are the giant storybooks with illustrated pages that turn. My little girl loved this…I practically had to drag her away! There is also the “measure up” area with a working scale to compare your weight to that of a polar bear…it makes you feel pretty good about your weight!  They even have a life size statue of a standing polar bear…let’s just say it’s scary big!

If you visit the San Diego Zoo, please check out the Polar Rim and if not, there’s always the addictive Polar Cam!


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