The Thankful Mama

Clean and Organized

on January 6, 2012

Happy New Year! I hope it was a great holiday for all of you. It was a wonderful Christmas for me and my family. My little girl got her first real taste of the excitement of Santa and opening presents. It was glorious watching her and my three year old nephew come into the living room and see what Santa had left and then tear into everything!

The month of December was so jam packed with good things that we all wore ourselves completely down and of course got the Christmas cold followed by the Christmas flu…yuck! There is a good part to all of that though. Having the entire family covered in cooties means a forced rest and time off. Hubby and I had almost a whole week of just being together, slowing down and playing. It was incredibly rejuvenating for mind and body! I learned a valuable lesson to start the new year off right…take it slow and focus.

I have been trying to be mindful of noticing the little things and practicing gratitude. I have been a little lax in these areas recently and want to make them habit. Hubby gave me a Kindle for Christmas, which I am finding is a great little gadget. It has given me access to many books and many of them for free. The public domain e-books section on is quite extensive. I found the book, The Heart of Abundance by Candy Paull, that reminded me to see abundance everywhere and to be in the moment.

I prefer to make goals instead of resolutions in January. I find that setting and achieving reachable goals creates the desire to build upon that success. I definitely want to clean and organize. That includes everything from my home to my vision board to my personal goals. I’m ready to make a clear plan for success! Organizing my ideas and thoughts are the first step towards making my dreams come true and I’m definitely planning on being more active in sharing on the blog!


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