The Thankful Mama

Thanksgiving Safari Park Style

on December 14, 2011

Hunte Nairobi Pavilion

This review is a little late, but still close enough to Thanksgiving to count. 🙂 We decided to do something a little different for our Thanksgiving celebration. The San Diego Safari Park put on a holiday feast complete with all of the trimmings. It was held at the Hunte Nairobi Pavilion, a lovely covered area that could seat a few hundred. The heat lamps were blazing keeping it nice and cozy on a damp and chilly day. We had a table reserved for us and they scheduled the seating so that it was provided for us for two hours. Plenty of time to eat slowly and enjoy the atmosphere.

The menu was a perfect blend of all of the traditional favorites. We filled our plates with juicy turkey, beef strip loin and the most delicious butternut squash lasagna. The sides were just as delectable, with choices of creamed corn, sweet potatoes with a perfectly prepared pecan praline topping and root veggies. There was also a kids buffet with lots of great choices for the little ones. The mac and cheese seemed to be the favorite…as it always is! The desserts were, of course, delicious as well, my favorite being the Pumpkin Pie. It tasted so incredibly homemade, I could swear there was a grandma in the back slaving away making pie after pie for the crowd.

One of the nicest parts of having our Thanksgiving meal there, besides no clean up, was that after all that good food we got to walk around and enjoy the park.

The park was not very busy so it was a great chance to linger and see some of the more popular animals. We also stayed for the Cheetah Run, which is always exciting.

Baby gorilla Monroe hangin' with Mommy


I’m really glad we decided to go to the Safari Park for our Thanksgiving celebration. It was a perfect day spent eating great food and being with those we love the most.


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