The Thankful Mama

Primal Blueprint 30 Day Challenge: 17 & 18

on October 2, 2011

Days 17 & 18 are filled with working hard to get things accomplished. We decided to plan a trip to Disneyland and that meant lots of prep work as far as meals. I managed to make a recipe from Mark’s Daily Apple, called Savory Coconut Cauliflower. It’s a side dish for Kangaroo tenderloin…I passed on making the Kangaroo. It was quite tasty and easy to make. It had all the great Thai flavors and is a perfect way to change up cauliflower rice. I’ll definitely be making this again, since it call for ingredients I usually have on hand.

I also made a big batch of the Heroin Chicken that I keep talking about and  that has become a favorite. It’s so great for picnic fare. It is perfect fresh or as leftovers. It packed nicely in our lunch bag along with some celery sticks and almond butter.

No specialty exercise to speak of for these two days, except for general business and constant moving. Hopefully I can work in some strength exercises in the evening.


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