The Thankful Mama

Primal Blueprint 30 Day Challenge: Day 14 & 15

on September 27, 2011

Another two days combined to keep it simple. These two days are very similar in activity and food, or lack thereof. We spent one of the days just resting and visiting with family. It’s nice to take a day off from the usual to recoup and re-energize. I guess that’s a creative way of admitting I didn’t do anything in the physical activity department. Just decided to take the day off.

I did, however, make the second of my two primal recipes from Mark’s Daily Apple. The weather the past few days has started to hint at Fall, which is pretty exciting in Southern California, since we don’t usually get signs of autumn until the rest of the country is in the depths of winter. Anyway, the nice crisp air and cool evenings have made me want to make something in the way of comfort food. I had a butternut squash and a couple of sweet potatoes that needed using. I found the Pumpkin Soup recipe and it seemed to fit the bill. I adjusted it only slightly by including the sweet potatoes, and of course using the butternut squash in place of the pumpkin. This soup was thick and creamy and just what I was craving. It didn’t take much time to prepare at all and we had plenty of leftovers the next night for dinner. Even the baby ate a little of it. This will make a great recipe around Thanksgiving! I’m looking forward to using pumpkin the next time, when it becomes more available at the market or on a trip to the pumpkin patch!


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