The Thankful Mama

Primal Blueprint 30 Day Challenge: Day 11&12

on September 24, 2011

I’m combining day 11 & 12 to avoid two repetitive posts. These two days are pretty similar. Lots of cooking and cleaning made up most of my days here. I believe I’ll count that as moving frequently at a slow pace. Being a housewife and mother means there are a wide and abundant amount of daily tasks that require constantly being on your feet, lifting, bending, squatting etc. It’s easy to make many household chores as (well as caring for and playing with a baby) into meaningful physical activity if you are mindful about it. At least that’s what I try to do, since many days that’s just about all I can fit in.

I managed to get the sprinting goal completed this week, although there is room for more. My other self imposed goal is preparing the two Primal recipes. I decided on the Bacon, Chicken and Avocado Salad . Holy cow, or should I say holy chicken, this was delicious. It reminded me of the kind of dinner salad you get a really great steakhouse or sit down restaurant. I love the combination of red onion and bacon in this…perfect. It was so good that we had it again the next night, only this time with beef. They had rib eye on sale at the market so I cut it into chunks and stir fried in some butter. The avocado and a little drizzle of olive oil make for a lovely dressing. Simple and light, it doesn’t overpower all of the other great flavors of the salad. I want to try the other recommended dressing, Balsamic Apple Vinaigrette, when I have all of the right ingredients. It sounds delicious as well.


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