The Thankful Mama

The Eyes Have it

on September 4, 2011

I recently received an eye injury from my 14 month old. Holding a tired baby and looking down at the computer does not make a good or safe combination. One well placed finger and I was seeing stars! Of course this was an accident but it didn’t stop my poked eye from becoming angry red and weepy the next evening. My thoughtful hubby quickly made me an appointment to see the eye doc and it turned out the wound ulcerated and then became infected. Yikes! Thank goodness for quick acting antibiotics and thoughtful hubbies! My eye is looking much better and I realized that I learned a few lessons from this experience that I would like to share.

1. Always expect the unexpected, especially with little ones!

2. You’re never too young for wraparound sunglasses.

3. Your eyes are incredible and do so much for you everyday that goes virtually unnoticed until they hurt like heck. Appreciate your body for all it does!

4. You have to be tough to be a mommy!

5. For maybe the first time I realized I needed to do whatever it took to get myself back to 100 percent because I have someone who depends on me.

I’m so thankful for all of the great care I have received and for a doting hubby that makes sure I am well taken care of. I’m also thankful for my little girl who is constantly helping me to “see” things differently!


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