The Thankful Mama

Father’s Day and a Pair of Socks

on June 19, 2011


It’s been a great Father’s Day especially since it’s my hubby’s 1st. His first year of fatherhood has been wonderful. He has risen to the challenge on many different fronts. He successfully helped me get through pregnancy and labor…our first, everything was new and exciting/scary. He also goes out everyday and cheerfully slays dragons so I can stay home with our little one. I am one lucky girl, but I have known that since the day we met!

For Father’s Day we kept it low key with a lunch for our dads. We made the entire meal low carb, since Hubby and I and my dad have given up the carbs. Grilled salmon and a breadless deep dish pizza that seems more like lasagna or quiche to me. Whatever it is, it’s delicious and I can’t make it enough for my hubbby!

Father in law 3x3 rib socks

Of course I had to craft for Father’s Day…it’s a holiday right? I decided two pairs of hand knit socks, one for each dad, was in order. My dad is a regular customer already, but I haven’t made anything yet for my dad in law. Thank goodness he and Hubby have pretty much the same size 14 feet. That’s a pretty big sock and I somehow figured I was going to make two pair of big men’s socks. I ordered Knit Picks Stroll Sport, figuring the heavier weight would help me crank them out. I’m pleased to say I completed one pair in time to give to dad in law on Father’s Day. I wrapped up the yarn for my dad’s socks and presented him with that. He was slightly confused until I reassured him I wasn’t trying to teach him knitting, but those were soon-to-be-socks. Overall, I have to say I enjoyed working with the Stroll yarn. I usually knit with fingering weight, so it was a nice change and it made a difference in the completion time. The yarn itself is stretchy and soft. My dad in law kept squeezing them and commenting on how comfy they felt. I’m looking forward to starting my next pair!


Project Details:

Yarn: Knit Picks Stroll Sport

Colorway: Fedora

Needle Size 2 (3mm)

More info and photos on my Ravelry page



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