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LCHF…Have You Heard?

on May 22, 2011

Have you heard of a new trend in healthy eating called Low Carb High Fat (LCHF)? I recently came across this mind blowing way of eating via the movie Fathead. My mom suggested I watch it on Netflix. She was describing this movie to me in glowing details. My interest was piqued. That night Hubby and I sat down and watched this Fathead movie. All I can say is…WOW! I was floored by what I was seeing and hearing. The information was very interesting, compelling and presented in a humorous and engaging way. After the movie finished all we could do was look at each other…astonished.

I’m sure the ideas presented aren’t new to some, but I am one of the many brainwashed, wool-pulled-firmly-over-the-eyes, sugar and starch eaters out there. I have completely bought into the idea of “fat is bad” and “grains are good.” Although it is disappointing to me to realize I may have been duped, knowledge is power and I consider this an opportunity to expand my understanding. In reading a little more about this, I kept coming across the same stories, over and over…improved health, weight loss, real food, overall improved health. The idea behind LCHF is incredibly simple: eat low in carbohydrates with a higher proportion of fat and avoid sugar and starches. Of course, this is a thumbnail sketch and there is much more expertly presented and researched information to be had out there in Internetland. I’ll include a list of blogs about this subject, that I enjoy reading, at the end of this post.

I am currently trying to lose weight gained during pregnancy, about 40lbs in all. My hubby, sister and I had just started Weight Watchers. I did successfully lose weight by watching caloric intake, but I admit I was constantly hungry. My sister has similarly complained. I also couldn’t get through the day without eating something sugary…forget it, just couldn’t and didn’t want to do it

Ok, so Hubby and I decided, what the heck, let’s give this LCHF thing a try for one week. If we get similar results to our current weight loss we’ll be happy. We didn’t really need to buy any new food, since eating this way is so basic. It was more a matter of getting rid of food. My pantry and fridge were stocked with pastas, cereal and a myriad of low fat versions of things. But I didn’t go nuts throwing away everything in one day. No need to dive of the deep end, we’re taking things gradual. Our results for week one were surprising. We both lost about two pounds (equal to WW), but we noted a few other facts. The food tastes great (how could it not?), definite increase in energy, no cravings in between meals at all and a decrease in cravings for breads and sweets. Hubby and I talked about what we liked eating this way and decided to continue, since we really couldn’t find anything not to like. We are only one week in and I get more inspired the more I read about eating this way. I’ll be posting often about our results and observations with LCHF.

For More Info on LCHF:


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