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Crochet Challenge Doll#2: Cotton Puppy

on May 6, 2011

Yay for me! I’ve competed another doll in my amigurumi crochet challenge! This pattern is called Cotton Puppies and is made with, you guessed it, cotton. I am so pleased with my improvement on this doll. I don’t really know what happened, the stars were in alignment, divine inspiration, repeating the single crochet one million times…but something finally clicked. I noticed a huge difference about half way through the body piece. I think that finally being able to “read” my crochet has helped immensely. It made a big improvement in my knitting as well, when I could finally understand the stitches and their construction. Anyway, this doll was pretty easy to make for a beginner. It was basically lots of little circles stuffed and sewn together. I even manged the color changes in the arms and legs with ease. I am and just so proud of myself for completing another goal, learning something new and making a toy for my little girl to play with!

Cotton Puppy

Project Details:

Hook Size: 2.1mm

Yarn: Lion Brand Cotton-Ease Almond #099 (MC) & Taupe #122 (CC)

More on my Ravelry page!


One response to “Crochet Challenge Doll#2: Cotton Puppy

  1. kathy vining says:

    extra cute, and very smart of you too…

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