The Thankful Mama

Ace Of Cupcakes

on March 29, 2011

My sister is a self proclaimed “cupcake artist”. She has been diligently practicing her hobby and I think she is really enjoying it. We have all been more than happy to be her cupcake guinea pigs! With each new batch she wows us with her improvements. We have been treated to strawberry, lemon, yellow cake and good ol’ chocolate as well as a delicious array of butter cream frosting.

Yellow cake and chocolate frosting cupcake tower

She is even teaching her little boy how to bake and decorate the cupcakes. He has so much fun helping mommy. It has become a regular activity at their house.


Adding ingredients

Carefully cracking the eggs

Her latest was a whole tray of decorated cupcakes that looked like a box of fancy chocolates. Each one was even filled. I love how she made some to resemble a Hostess Cupcake. Of course those cupcakes wish they could taste this good!

Her next big project is going to be a birthday tower for her little boy’s 3rd birthday party. She is going to make the Big Birthday Cake from the book Hello Cupcake. I’ll be sure to post the results!


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