The Thankful Mama

Easter Egg Hunt I

on April 3, 2010

Today we attended our city’s Easter egg hunt for kids. What a nice event the city managed, it was great for all! We went to watch my two year old nephew “scramble” for eggs…(insert laugh here.)

We arrived early and found the sports park already packed with eager kids and parents ready for the hunt. I think the Baby even enjoyed the loud music and kids because there was a lot of kicking going on! It was great to see so many families having fun with their children!
The lots were separated by age group to make it fair for the kids. The 1-2 year old area was loaded with goodies for the grabbing!

1-2 Year Old Egg Hunt Field

My nephew was a little hesitant at first, not very sure what all of the excitement was about. All we had to do, though, was point out the candies to him and he was ready. He wanted to just get in there and start, but he had to wait for the official “go.” Seems unfair, I know! 🙂
The announcer finally said it was ok to race out there and start hunting and my nephew was an instant pro. He had a full basket of goodies before I knew it!

It was a great event to attend and I’m thankful we live in such a nice community where families can go and spend a Saturday morning having fun at the local park with their kids.


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