The Thankful Mama

Rain, Rain and More Rain

on February 15, 2010

Rain pouring off the eves 1/18/10I’m a little late on this post since it’s about the incredible rain storm we had here in Southern California about three weeks ago. Oh well, better late than never! We experienced almost a week straight of heavy rainfall, which is unusual for this area. I’m originally from the South U.S. and have been through my share of torrential weather, so California “storms” don’t impress me much. These storms, however, were reminiscent of those cold rainy days and storm warnings I used to know as a kid. I love the rain and was fortunate enough to be off work while most of it was coming down. I warmed up the house and made soup in the crock pot and knitted under a big cozy blanket while watching old movies. I even got a little scared when

Heavy winds bend the palms

Heavy winds bend the plams

Standing water in the backyard

the hail and thunder started. It’s been a while since I’ve heard booming thunder that shakes all the windows. I also got a chance during some light sprinkling to run down to the creek bed near our home. This usually serves to collect drain water from sprinklers around the neighborhood. I’ve never seen it with anything but a trickle of water, if even that. I was quite amazed at what I found!

I tried to enjoy the much needed rain thoroughly and I know my backyard loved it if the green grass and flowers are any hint. 🙂


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