The Thankful Mama

How I Love Fall

on October 31, 2009

Fall has got to be one of my favorite seasons. The crisp cool air and chilly nights are a welcome change after summer days with temperatures over 100 degrees. The smell in the air makes me instantly feel like a kid and reminds me of when I used to live in places that have four actual seasons. They are not quite as distinct where I live now, which makes me appreciate the subtle changes even more. I thought I would share some of the ways I know Fall is coming to Southern California and some of the pleasures my family and I enjoy during this season.
One of our new traditions is to visit the apple orchards in Oak Glen, Ca. Here you can escape into nineteenth century charm. There are several cider mills to visit, each with their own draw. Some offer pick your own apples, mill tours, shopping and picnic areas. 100_8583Two of our favorite are Snow Line and Law’s. At Snow Line, they make a unique cherry apple cider and the most wonderful apple cider doughnuts, fresh and hot. They are mini sized and perfect for munching on while walking through their adorable gift/antique shop. I’ve heard that the doughnut line is about a 2 hour wait on weekends! Law’s is the one and only place we get our cider. They have been making their cider for over fifty years and their special blend of apples is perfection. During pressing season, my hubby and I will get four gallons at a time and pack the fridge. The Law family provides excellent service and the love they have for their craft is evident in every sip of their wonderful cider.

Another way we like to welcome in Fall is to spend the day at Disneyland.

Main Street

Main Street USA

We are fortunate to live relatively close to the park and enjoy a season pass membership. During the holidays they really dress up the park and rides. This year they added a new Halloween twist on Space Mountain that’s supposed to be pretty wild and scary.

Candy Corn California

Candy Corn Acres

I love all the decorations throughout the park. It’s also a must to take a ride through the Haunted Mansion. During October and throughout the holiday season, the Mansion gets a spooky face lift. Jack Skellington and all the characters from A Nightmare Before Christmas take over the ride! It’s so much fun! I absolutely adore it! Also, Disney’s California Adventure park gets into the season with huge candy corns and a harvest Mickey to greet you.

My other favorite Fall pleasure is baking and cooking. I get the overwhelming urge to pull out my cookbooks, the crock pot and the cookie sheets. I want to make everything from scratch! My bread baking usually goes into overdrive. Comfort food here I come…as soon as  clean the kitchen!

I know many places in the U.S. are preparing for winter right now, but here we are just getting started on autumn. Even though we get on the crisp cool weather bandwagon a little later than most, it’s still ample time to enjoy warm slippers, hot cider, apple butter, pumpkin pie, acorn squash, crock pots, raking leaves, fleece clothing, and snuggling under a blanket! 🙂


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