The Thankful Mama

I’m a Rick Springfield Fan!

on September 29, 2009

I’ve discovered something about myself…I’m a Rick Springfield fan! I honestly didn’t know this until last weekend (9/19/2009). 🙂 The story begins in Primm, NV, otherwise known as Stateline, a favorite getaway spot for hubby and me. We usually get mailers for free rooms and concerts. We took advantage of one such mailer for a singer we’d never heard of. But what the heck…we got two free nights and two tickets to her show, which we promptly forgot about. While we were checking in I saw that Rick Springfield was playing the very next night. I lamented to Hubby that I wish we would have received the Rick Springfield free room/concert package…at least I know who he is and can sing a long to Jessie’s Girl on the radio. “I would probably go to that concert,” I told hubby. The next evening we are gambling away, when a security guard approaches us and starts making small talk. This is a little unnerving…you know security in a casino chit chatting with you, hmmm. He asks us if we enjoyed the concert last night. We sheepishly grinned, explaining we opted out for Texas hold ’em. He then asked if we were going to see Rick Springfield. Here we go again…No…we didn’t get those tickets. He opens up his coat pocket and asks, “Would you like to go?” “You know who he is, right?” Wow! Our eyes popped out. We graciously accepted the tickets with much thanks an hurried to the arena. We had great seats and were able to see the stage just fine. The band played a few songs I recognized, Paul McCartney and Cream and some of the songs from Rick’s new album, Venus in Overdrive.100_8432

Now here’s where I learned something. As I’m listening to the songs, I notice he plays a lot of rock and roll, very ’70’s and’80’s sounding stuff. My favorite! The songs were catchy and the guitars were heavy and wailing and I found myself really enjoying his show. He made a point of getting everyone involved and even trekked through the audience while he sang Don’t Talk to Strangers. Copy of 100_8437We also got to hear the hit Jessie’s Girl, which he played, knowing everyone wanted to hear it. He seems like a pretty nice guy. Even Hubby seemed to enjoy the show. Ok, so I bought a souvenir tote bag and yesterday I downloaded his new album. I don’t have any posters in my room…yet…I had no idea I was a dormant Rick Springfield fan. Of course, Hubby hasn’t gone as far off the deep end as myself, but he lovingly humors me. 🙂

Getting those tickets in such a magical and extraordinary way, really is confirmation to me that when you ask, you shall receive. It’s also a reminder that it is foremost to give thanks for that which you receive. Being a considerate receiver is just as important as being a generous giver. It opens up your positive channels and allows you to receive more and more good into your life, while also giving someone else the satisfaction of an altruistic deed. This of course puts you into a wonderful sense of giving in return.


4 responses to “I’m a Rick Springfield Fan!

  1. bethanyg says:

    Haha! You totally need a Rick Springfield pillowcase!

  2. MO says:

    Where do you get the Rick Springfield pillowcases?

    That security guard had no idea he would really make someone happy. Funny huh?

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