The Thankful Mama

The Tea Party

on September 13, 2009

Today ( 9/12/2009), I attended the In Defense of the Constitution Tea Party in my town. This was an incredible gathering of patriots, all coming together to express their opinions about the increasing stranglehold of our freedoms by the federal government. It was also held in concurrence with a national protest and march on Washington with the same ideas being expressed. The local rally was a chance for those not able to attend the Washington gathering to convey their accordance.
About 1500 citizens made their way in and out of the gathering. Gadsden FlagsMany there had handmade signs, American flags, Gadsden Flags and patriotic clothes and pins. Everyone there seemed to be enjoying themselves, smiling and expressing an overall attitude of unity toward a common cause. There was a palpable energy surrounding the event. There were many interesting and motivating speakers. A rock band also performed several original and catchy songs, all with a patriotic theme.

Michael Chain Band

Michael Chain Band

My mom was given an opportunity to speak concerning a local issue and did an outstanding job. It’s not easy to stand in front of hundreds of pairs of eyes and speak without a script. When you are passionate about something and believe in its truth and rightness, a motivation from within can hep you to face a situation you might normally shy away from. I experienced it myself today as I stood alongside my family, friends and neighbors, in front of the crowd, while my mom spoke. I normally do not like to be on stage or an extrovert in any manner if I can help it. But I also realize that sometimes your perception of what people are thinking about you is really almost 100% your own perception. I try to remember people may think what they want about you, but it really is your own self appreciation and confidence that create a positive image and impression of yourself to others.Tea Party Crowd 2
Besides learning that little lesson today, I also received a large reminder of how fortunate I am to live in a country where my voice may be heard freely. How wonderful it is to be able to gather in a park in my town, on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, with my fellow countrymen and celebrate that freedom. It is a blessing to all of us that are protected by the men and women serving bravely in our armed services everyday. I wish to express my sincere gratitude to them and to the organizers of the Tea Party. It was an honor to be a part of such a positive gathering of patriots.

Crowd Listening To Guest Speakers

Crowd Listening To Guest Speakers


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