The Thankful Mama

A Day At the Market

on July 2, 2009

We spent a lovely Saturday afternoon (June 20, 2009) at the Japanese market, Mitsuwa in Orange Co., CA. What an interesting place it turned out to be! Tucked away along a street off the main road, Mitsuwa is quite unassuming. Pulling into the parking lot, it appears as any big box grocery store. From the moment you get to the front entrance, you know your not at any old supermarket.
Greeting you there, is the most wonderful smell of roasting sweet potatoes. You can by them from a vendor out front and, needless to say, he was busy. Another surprise I found was the rather large bookstore. They have a large selection of Japanese publications including magazines, cookbooks and knitting books. What was that? Knitting books? Guess where I spent way to much time perusing? 🙂 Unfortunately my chart reading skills are lacking, and that’s the only way a non Japanese reading knitter (like myself) can use these books. Otherwise I would have added a few amigurumi books to my cart. Hubby was happy.

The other side of the market is the grocery area. Here you can find just about anything you need for a good Japanese meal. Lots of beautiful sushi grade fish, artfully packaged noodles and an impressive sake aisle. We decided on some roasted green tea, pocky sitcks, and Nama Shoyu sauce.

Market Goodies

Market Goodies

My sister, brother in law, and nephew decided to join us for lunch. Inside Mitsuwa is a food court, similar to mall dining. They offer authentic Japanese fare done fast food style. My brother in law told me that it’s the equivelent to McDonald’s. Well, it was a happy meal (insert chuckle here), but that’s about as similar as it got. 🙂 Hubby and I had veggie tempura with udon noodles. I even managed chopsticks! We also got a little fried potato cake that was quite tasty.

Tempura Lunch

Tempura Lunch

If you get the chance to visit a Mitsuwa marketplace, definitely go. It’s a fun experience and a nice place to spend the afternoon.


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