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Lake Tahoe Socks

on June 6, 2009

I finally finished them…wool socks, just in time for summer! 🙂 If you read the stats of these socks on my Ravelry page it shows that I started this project in August `08. Although I’m not a speed knitter, I’m happy to report these socks did not take me continuous months of arduous needle clicking. I somehow let myself succumb to the so called “second sock syndrome.” I’d like to blame it all on frantic Christmas gift knitting, but what’s the excuse for January through May? In spite of my procrastination, I think I turned out a pretty good pair!

Lake Tahoe Socks

I bought this yarn at Rumplestiltskin in Sacramento, CA, while on vacation. The shop is adorable! Located inside a large factory building, it’s loaded with bin after bin, shelf after shelf of wooly goodness. It was by far the best yarn shop we visited (yes, I made Hubby go vacation yarn shopping!) We were haeaded to Lake Tahoe, so imagine the excitement when I rummaged through the Lorna’s Laces shelf and found the colorway…Lake Tahoe! I didn’t even look at the price, just frantically dug for another skein! I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I’m a nerd, right?

I definitely wanted a rippling water look to my Lake Tahoe’s. After searching many sock patterns, I finally came upon the rib and welt stitch. The diagonal patterning seems to achieve the rippling, moving water motif that I was after…at least to me! 🙂 I also love the way the colors vary throughout the stitch pattern. They really do look like the hues of the lake, especially during the evening. So, for this winter, I finally have some socks pre-knit!

Lake View

Lake View

The Particulars:

Yarn : Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock Multi

Color: Lake Tahoe #34

Used: 1.5 skeins = 322.5 yards (294.9m)

Check out my Lake Tahoe Socks on Ravelry!


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