The Thankful Mama

Take A Look Around

on May 31, 2009

Have you ever thought about how much wealth and abundance is out there? Or how much of it is free for the taking? Now, I’m not talking about the kind that can be deposited in a bank account. I’m referring to the kind of wealth and abundance that brings you happiness from the inside out. It’s all around us. It’s everywhere you look, and you don’t have to look hard. Ok, enough of the vague references, let me give you something tangible.

Simple Pleasures:

Have you ever looked around and noticed the flowers? Any flowers, any kind. They come in so many rich colors, textures and scents. Some are some deep ruby red, while others are blushing pink. Everyday, when I come home from work, I receive a bouquet of hydrangeas, roses and lilies…not from my hubby, but from my yard. All for free! All I have to do is admire it and appreciate it. Of course, a little water helps! This isn’t only in my little yard for me or you to enjoy, it’s everywhere. Take a drive or a walk and see just how much abundant beautiful flora and fauna is out there.

My Backyard Flora

How about a smile? Everyone loves to smile and everyone enjoys getting them. They are contagious for goodness sake! They are so powerful, you can even “hear” a smile in someone’s voice when you can’t see them talking. I really love my nephew’s chubby baby cheek smile! Throw in a giggle and I’m done for.  Smiles are everywhere and they don’t cost a nickle. You can give as many as you please, to all who you meet, and I bet you’ll receive that many (or more) in return…for nothing! What? More free stuff? Yep, and how do they make you feel? Rich with good feelings? Abundantly happy? I hope so.



There is a show full of stars put on every night that you can see for free. Want to know where? Look up! The night sky is so amazing and interesting to gaze at. Its wonder and beauty are captivating. A bounty of stars and planets twinkle like diamonds, the Milky Way stretches across the velvet sky and the Moon keeps it all aglow. I love searching for constellations. I can always find my favorite, Orion and his belt. If you can get away to somewhere unpopulated, like the desert or mountains, sky gazing becomes even more glorious. But, stretched out on your back on a blanket in the backyard works just fine too. This wealth of artistry and entertainment occurs nightly, for our enjoyment and appreciation.

Next time you are feeling down about all that is lacking in your life, take a look at all that you do possess. Give it some thought, make a list of them. There is so much love, happiness and beauty out there in a never ending supply. Treasure it, admire it, appreciate it and most of all look for it all around you. Someone must love us very much to bestow so much wealth and abundance upon us :)!

I’m hoping to add more simple pleasures to the blog, on it’s own page, for inspiration and positive thought!


One response to “Take A Look Around

  1. MO says:

    Nature gives us so much, and asks for nothing in return. How lovely.

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