The Thankful Mama

The Sound Of Music

on May 21, 2009

On Sunday evening (May 17, 2009), I attended a charity auction and dinner to benefit the Temecula Valley Master Chorale . Now before I go on and on about how beautiful, how entertaining, how delicious…everything was, let me tell you I’m slightly biased. Hmmm, actually, I’m really biased! Not only is my adorable hubby one of the singers, but my sweet mother in law is also.  The talent contained within those four walls was amazing. I really admire the ability to sing and perform in front of others.

Since the event was an auction I showed off some off one of my talents…spending money :). The auction was held at a local winery. The amount of work to put on the event was evident. The hundreds of volunteer hours put in by the group really showed in the polished presentation of everything. The silent auction was in a large and vaulted room filled with barrels and barrels of wine stacked to the ceiling, appropriately named “The Barrel Room.” I had fun making my way through the more than one hundred items available.  I even contributed four hand knit baby washcloths to the cause. ( I sure hope someone bid on them!)

As I walked I enjoyed listening to bits of conversation float by, lots of laughter, and smiles from familiar faces that I haven’t seen in a while. Many of my hubby’s family came up and generously donated their time and checkbooks to the chorale. It’s always fun to see them and catch up. I managed to snag a beautiful Japanese figurine for my sister and a large fish shaped basket full of cooking ingredients and dishes.

The Basket

The Basket

The chior sang three songs, Moon River, It Might As Well Be Spring and Sanctus . I found myself swept away by the blended voices and stirring melodies.  It’s a wonderful thing to listen to people singing or playing an instrument live.  I’m not versed in the art of doing either, so it is especially inspiring for me to watch someone perform with those talents. I can’t imagine how they make their voice hit the notes perfectly and in varied ranges. I wonder at the ablility to play an instrument in time with others all from memory. Everyone has their own special talents to cultivate and explore. But it’s always inspiring and enlightening to observe and appreciate someone else’s abilities…and perhaps even clap!


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